Youth Education

 Youth Multimedia Competition

Competition held annually at the MCDA conference. Entries will be submitted to the MCDA for judging. Please contact the IMCD office for more information.

 Intermountain Water Festival

The Water Festival is held annually at the IMCD office and yard site. Grade 5 students from the schools within the district are invited to attend this educational event. Learning stations covering topics such as soil, water, wildlife, eco systems, trees and other environmental issues are set up along the education trail. The IMCD along with partnering agencies and sponsors are pleased to be able to provide this educational opportunity to the students in our area.

 Oak Hammock Marsh sponsorship

The IMCD provides sponsorship of the Oak Hammock Marsh “On the Go” tour to schools within the conservation district.

 Intermountain Conservation District Scholarship

The Intermountain Conservation District (IMCD) scholarship is awarded annually to a student enrolling in their first year at a recognized university or college.

Criteria & Conditions:
  • Applicant must be a graduating student and resident of the Intermountain Conservation District. (call the IMCD office to verify whether you are a resident of the conservation district - legal land description or street address is required for verification).
  • Applicant must be enrolled in one of the following fields: Environmental Science, Resource Management, Agriculture or other field related to conservation.
  • Selection of recipient will be based on a review of the individual’s application, academic record and community involvement.
  • Funds will be disbursed equally between the first and second term upon proof of tuition payment.
  • Scholarship must be used within the next academic year, or will be forfeited.
  • Please submit application to the Intermountain Conservation District by noon on the second Friday of May each year. Late applications will not be accepted.

Call the IMCD office to obtain an application form.